Shannon Weir


Ameri/Star Real Estate, Inc

5900 S. Western Avenue #200, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Shannon is a native to South Dakota. She and her 2 brothers grew up on a farm near Wood, South Dakota. While Shannon liked dance and reading, her brothers were avid baseball players, so Shannon spent time at the ball field keeping stats. Little did she know this would prepare her for her future role as wife and mother to a baseball coach and 3 boys who love the sport of baseball!!

When she’s not spending time at the ball field, Shannon enjoys spending any amount of time with her family, it is her most favorite thing & biggest blessing! Given the importance of family to Shannon, real estate is a natural fit for her, she provides a high level of client service by carefully matching client’s needs with a home that will act as a solid financial investment.

You can trust you will be working with a loyal, caring individual when you work with Shannon, just ask her boys, they’ll tell you so! Please feel free to call with any real estate needs or questions, Shannon is ready to go to work for you.